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At my last PT session he gave me the clear to go ahead and try riding my bike again so of course I was more then willing to give it a try. On Friday and Saturday I just did some short rides around the neighborhood to get a feel for it again. I can tell that I have lost muscle in my left leg and my pace is a lot lower but it’s still great to be out and about again. I still rely on the boot for walking but for biking I can wear two shoes again which is nice.

So then this morning I was looking for something to do and Ross suggested we meet up and go for a bike ride. I wasn’t sure how far I could realistically make it but he suggested meeting near the zoo and biking out on Billy Wolff to Holmes Lake. I figured that was all close enough to home that if I needed to turn back I could. We made it to the lake with no problems except that big hill leading up to the dam. I hate that hill and had to kind of walk/bike the last bit of it but I did make it.

Holmes Lake Dam

Top of the Hill - Holmes Lake Dam

From here Ross suggested we ride around the lake and that seemed like a good idea. The crushed limestone/gravel whatever on this path isn’t great though and there were places where I was sure I was going to wipe out. I didn’t but apparently at one point (or more) I may have almost clipped Ross’s bike. Ah well, such is the hazards of riding with me I suppose. I decided that I wanted to keep going down Billy Wolff because I had never taken it passed 70th Street. We found the underpass and went up by the dog park and around. I convinced Ross to keep going on the trail with the promise of stopping for lunch at Sam and Louie’s. On our way there we ended up stopping to take a trail survey and chat with the ladies taking the survey. I didn’t realize how hungry the ride had made me until the food got to the table.

Sam and Louie's

Waiting for Food at Sam and Louie's

After we ate and refilled our water bottles we swung by Cycle Works so I could ask them about problems I was having with my chain and random unwanted shifting. Luckily for me, they weren’t too busy and he was able to look at it right away. I decided to just go ahead and have him replace the chain and he made some adjustments to the rear derailer and I was back in business. The bike ran super smooth after that and I can’t wait to go riding again and again.

Waiting at Cycleworks

Waiting at Cycle Works

Getting a new bike chain

Getting a New Bike Chain Installed at Cycle Works

Once I had my new chain we headed back towards our starting point via Billy Wolff. I’m still not sure exactly what happened but for some reason when I was coming out and around from the underpass on 70th Street I took the curve to tight and ended up colliding with the retaining wall. The weird part was I basically ended up sitting on the wall and only had some very minor road rash/bruising. I’m thankful that I was wearing both jeans and my compression socks. I may hate those socks but they truly saved my skin this time.

Once we got back to the starting point I ended up following Ross part way home down Rock Island because I was really enjoying being out and being active for a change. We parted ways at Highway 2 and I took Rock Island a bit further to Essex Street and then turned around for home. I was super tired by the time I got home but it was so worth it. I also got a bit of a sunburn because for some reason I can never remember to put on sunscreen.

Part way into the trip my bike speedometer/computer stopped working so I don’t have the normal ride stats that I like to have. I did go map the trip out on Dailymile and it came out to close to 21 miles. Not too shabby and I still feel great!

Other highlights from this weekend included hitting the bike swap meet and random shopping with Toni and riding around the cemetery.

Lincoln Bike Swap Meet

Lincoln Bike Swap Meet

Cemetery Ride

Enjoying the Shade During a Cemetery Ride

My favorite place to eat out in Lincoln is Sam and Louie’s so when Ross suggested we go bike there for food I was totally willing. I learned that from my house, to the Pine Lake Sam and Louie’s and home again is about 16 miles. The weather was actually pretty nice for riding and I was able to enjoy my dinner knowing that I had at least got some exercise getting there and back home. The downside, we learned, was that there are no bike racks at either little strip mall at 14th and Pine Lake. We ended up locking our bikes to a railing on the back side of the building, pictured here:

bike locked upMore places should consider getting bike racks – especially if your place of business is on or near a bike path. The best part was that even the bike shop didn’t have a bike rack.

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