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When I first started on my fitness via walking journey I didn’t pay much attention at all to the clothing I wore, including socks and shoes. A lot has changed in the last year and from this point on I’ve decided life is too short for cheap socks.

I used to only buy one type of sock, the big, cheap, bag full of crew socks from a discount store. The more of the same type of sock I had, the better I felt because I never had to worry about sorting them. Around June of 2009 I went in for a physical and talked to my GP about my walking and said that my feet seemed to be sore a lot and such. He is a runner and suggested that I try out some nice socks with wicking, such as ones made by Nike. I went out and bought some store brand versions of said socks and never went back.

My biggest problem was an inability to find the wicking type socks in a crew, which is still my preferred sock. I just wasn’t getting used to wearing the shorter socks even if they did feel better on my feet. Then one day, at Target, I found crew length, women’s performance socks that met all my needs. I ended up buying 12 pairs, I believe, and they worked out great. They were a little more expensive than I had been buying but they were still cheap socks.

Then came the “winter of the walking boot” and I realized I didn’t have any socks that could keep my poor broken foot warm. That’s when I ended up wandering into Footloose and Fancy and buying my first pair of striped Smartwool socks. I absolutely love these socks and can’t wait to get more. Then recently I was poking around Moose’s Tooth and saw they had a rack of sale socks and I fell in love with a blue pair of Keen sox. I later went back and bought the matching maroon pair and they are now my favorite socks.

The Keen socks are great, lots of cushioning in the right places as well as a minor amount of arch support. These socks are also right and left foot specific but thankfully they are marked and I generally get them on the correct foot though not often on the first try.

Now that I’ve been wearing these nicer socks I’m finding it impossible to go back to cheap socks. They really do make a world of difference for my feet so now I have to just budget more money into socks.

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