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I’m usually very positive and try to stay that way about most things but for some reason I just hate weighing myself. It seems like it never equals up to my expectations and then I’m just mad about it. This week I weighed in and lost 1.4 lbs but instead of focusing on that being a good thing I just let it upset me because I felt like it should be more. It’s so much work – eating healthy, working out, watching everything – and to only see 1.4 lbs off it was just frustrating. I know I didn’t put the weight on overnight but I sure did put it on a lot faster than I am losing it.

I know overall I’m doing well, making gains at the gym, able to work out a lot longer now, lifting heavier things for more reps, that kind of thing. It’s just sometimes I miss not being worn out all the time and not getting to eat whatever I want. It won’t do any good to give in now because that won’t help anything.

I will do my best to stay positive most of the time and talk myself back up as needed but sometimes you just want a little time to be grumpy. Also I’m crazy craving McDonald’s which is odd and worrisome. I only ever crave it when I’m getting sick but I don’t think it’s that – at least I really hope it’s not that. The other part is that even if I did have McDonald’s it won’t live up to my expectations and I’ll be disappointed and sorry to have wasted the calories.

I did my weigh in this morning and I’m down another 9.9 lbs which is awesome. Just have to keep going!

(Standard disclaimer: I’ve only been doing weekly weigh ins since I started the blog, about 8 weeks ago. I’ve been rocking this new lifestyle change since April of 2009.)

This was a good week for most purposes even if I was somewhat moody for a lot of it. I’m just really busy right now between work and all the preparations for surgery. Most of that is behind me now so I can just focus on a few things and let the rest just happen.

I was going to do an abs workout on Daily Burn but it was a bit more than I was looking for so I’m doing the Beginner Bodyweight one again until I have to take my post surgery break. I’m thinking about building my own little routine soon and following that.

So it’s numbers time! This week saw a loss of 3.4 lbs. Woo!

Week 8 Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 248.1
Weekly Change: – 3.4 lbs
Total Change: – 14.7 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 69.64 miles
Total Cardio Time: 254.47 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 3780 lbs

So I am now below the 250 mark, which is still amazing to me. For the longest time I would think of 250 as this ultimate goal. This far off place where I knew I was going to make it. I always figured if I could get to 250 then I could do anything. Originally I had planned to wait until 250 to start biking but I’m so glad I decided not to wait. Nothing magical happened when I hit 250 though, but in my mind, it was one huge milestone.

Finally we get to see a loss! I know that as long as I stick with this, eventually I’ll achieve what I want to achieve. There is no giving up on life and since this is a lifestyle change you can never go “off plan” or “off the wagon” or etc. So here’s the stats:

weight chart

Today’s Weight: 267.0 lbs
Weekly Change: – 1.1 lbs
Total Change: + 4.36 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 80.44 miles
Total Cardio Time: 344.2 minutes

I will be upfront about one thing – I weigh in every morning and I would not recommend it. If you want to go down that road be prepared to see and accept a lot of fluctuations. I do it for stats reasons, I like to see a nice chart from the data points. So in keeping with a more healthy approach, for this website I am switching to only reporting a weekly weigh-in. For no real reason I decided to go with Thursdays.

So here is my first weigh-in information:

262.8 lbs

This makes a new total loss of 118.5 lbs since early April 2009 (I don’t have the exact date I started, oops!)

And now a fancy chart!

This is my current chart on

Daily Burn Weight Chart (since start)

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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